Parking Lot Gates

Barrier Gate Operators / Ditec, Magnetic AutoControl and DoorKing ( DKS ) vehicle barrier gate operators for parking lots’ vehicle access control products. Parking garage Magstop Barrier Gate Operators, parking lot barrier gate operators, one-way access control, road traffic control systems.Competitive pricing on parking lot / garage barrier gate operators. We sell parking barrier gate operators at discount to apartment complexes, shopping center, malls, airports, military bases/installations, factories and businesses to protect parking lots, parking garages, employee, security, and public access, private and commercial property.

Parking Lot Gates


Parking Lot Gates Barrier Gate Operators


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Parking Lot Gates

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Parking Lot Gates
Parking Lot Gates
Parking Lot Gates Parking Lot Gates

Parking Lot Gates

Parking Lot Gates

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Click on the the Parking Lot Gate images or navigation buttons to see detailed information about barrier gate operators. All types of parking lot gate and vehicle controls are available.

We are an authorized Ditec, CAME-America, Magnetic Autocontrol & DKS DoorKing Distributor, selling Magstop parking lot gates. We are based in the United States. We ship parking lot barrier gate operators throughout the USA and to worldwide destinations, including military bases, convention centers, airports and stadiums. Many types of business need reliable, affordable parking lot gates for revenue control.

Our Parking Lot Gates are of the highest quality... our pricing for parking lot gates is excellent.

Parking Lot Gates

Below are some of the types of Parking Lot Gates that we carry for parking lots and garages. We carry the finest Parking Lot Gates on the market at great discounts, including Magstop & DKS DoorKing.

We offer DoorKing’s 1601 & 1602 Parking Lot Gates at a great value.

Click here for 1601 details. Click here for 1602 details.

Designed to control wide traffic lanes (28 feet maximum) in limited use applications.

Suitable for low-cycle applications to restricted access areas such as prisons, airport security areas or industrial sites.

Electronic limit settings.

Rotates the arm 90 in approximately 5 seconds.

Three-piece aluminum arms available in 20, 24 and 28 foot lengths. Three-piece wood arm available in 20 foot length only.

360 degree gear box rotation provides for smooth operation and even wear, increasing the life span of the operator

Plug-in loop detectors simplify installation and wiring

Up input memory buffer

Down memory option

Parking Lot Gates
Parking Lot Gates
Parking Lot Gates
Ditec Parking Lot Gates
Parking Lot Gates

If you don’t see the type or band of Parking Lot Gate that you are looking for within our web site, we will source what you need. When you do a Google search for “Parking Lot Gates” you’ll see an incredible variety! Parking Lot
Gates are used in military bases, corporate parking lots, garages, and structures, airports, convention centers, arenas, stadiums, and other areas where vehicular access control is necessary for security, organization, and revenue / toll collection.

We have relationships with many manufacturers like Magnetic Autocontrol, Guardian Traffic Systems, and DoorKing. We can also source units of Barrier Gate Operators from PowerMaster, Elite, Eagle, FAAC, Ramset, SEA, OSCO, Allstar, Liftmaster and others. Let us know what your Parking Lot Gate needs are.

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